At the Listing

“I really appreciate your listing the home with me…you know there are a couple of things we can do to market your home more effectively than most REALTORS right out of the gate.

 The first is I’m going to send you a link to your home online and I would like you to post it on your Facebook page. You would be surprised at how many of your friends and family might already know of a buyer who would be perfect for your home. Encourage your friends to “share” your listing with their “friends” and we can help make your home go viral!

 Second and this might surprise you but most REALTORS spend about 70% of their time prospecting for new business instead of looking for a buyer for your home. My approach is different I run my business by referral – so all of my business comes word of mouth –that way I can spend all of time looking for a buyer for your listing. You see…odds are in the next couple of weeks you will hear about someone thinking about buying or selling a home…so all I ask is that you send them my way – just keep me top of mind – does that sound OK?