2022 Key Realty Dues Increase

Notice regarding the 2022 Key Realty Dues increase, video and Q&A

This video below explains the 2022 Key Realty Dues increase.  When Key was founded, we committed to only increasing dues based on inflation.  That promise is being honored as we increase the Key Realty cap from $4,200 to $4,500 and the AAR fee from $199 to $249 effective January 1, 2022. 


Q:  When will I see my cap increase from $4,200 to $4,500?

A:  You will see the increase take effect on your next anniversary date in 2022. 


Q:  I am on the Key Monthly plan, when will my monthly amount increase?

A:  Your Key Monthly fee will increase from $350 to $375 the next billing cycle following your anniversary date. For example, if your anniversary date is in February, your monthly amount will increase in March.


Q:  I am capped currently, do I have to pay the increased cap amount now?

A:  No. If you are capped going into 2022, you will not see the increase in your cap until your next anniversary date. 


Q:  When will my Annual Agent Renewal Fee (AAR) be charged to my account?

A:  Key Realty will begin debiting your account on file the 3rd week in February. Email reminders will be sent out as we approach the AAR billing period. 


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