Add Sold Listings to Your Agent Website

How to add past sold listings to your agent website

Part 1: Adding Sold Listings to your account

You will only need to do this for previously sold listings. Any listings sold since your account has been created will automatically be added. 

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard and click the Listings tile > Choose Sold Listings.
  2. Enter the MLS ID of a previously sold listing and click "Find Listing. 
  3. Confirm the listing details and then click Add Selected Sold Listings Add a Sold Listing KeyWorld 2.0


Part 2:  Create a SOLD Listings Page

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard and click the Website tile > Choose Pages.
  2. Add a new page
  3. Choose Pre-Defined Page from the page template options at the top
  4. From the Pre-Defined Page Link dropdown choose "Sold Listings" towards the bottom of the list. 
  5. Enter any additional details, Add a Link Tile, and under Areas Link Shown choose Navigation Menu
    Add SOld Page Key Realty, LTD - DeltaNet 6