Adding an assistant to Dotloop

How to add your assistant to Key Realty's Premium Dotloop

In the event you need to add your assistant to Key Realty's premium Doltoop account there is a once-a-year fee of $75.00 per additional account. This is charged to the lead agents' account on file and is a once-a-year recurring charge until we receive notice to stop billing. 
Once your assistant has a Dotloop account with Key Realty they are able to access Key's forms and templates just as you can with your Dotloop Account. 
Depending on who starts the loop, you would invite the other user to the loop and check the "add to Team" box to give full access to all documents in that loop. 

Check out this Dotloop help article about using the "Add to my team" function:

This is a significant cost saving compared to the Teams version of Dotloop which runs about $200.00 a month. 
We also recommend the lead agent create an email account they own for their assistant to use in the event their assistant leaves they can retain the email and Dotloop account associated with it. 
To get started, please email and we can quickly get your additional account set up.