America's Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)

America's Preferred Home Warranty is Key Realty preferred home warranty partner. Learn the benefits a home warranty provides for Key agents and their clients.

About America's Preferred Home Warranty

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Benefits of a Home Warranty

Agents:  Why a home warranty

  • Rising Liability and lawsuits in the Real Estate Industry
  • Client Protection
  • Agent Protection
  • Brokerage Protection


    • Agents will be compensated $50 for each APHW Home Warranty purchased by your client and the data collection form is completed.
      • Please allow up to 8 weeks post-closing for APHW to process HW referral check payments. Once Key Realty receives the HW referral checks from APHW, we will automatically process and pay the $50 to your account on file. No action is required from the agent. 
      • Data Collection must be completed and turned into APHW no later than 30 days after closing to be eligible for the $50 referral. 
    • APHW training must be completed by November 1st, 2021 - See training details further down

    E&O Deductible 100% Waiver

    Current:  When a Key agent is involved in a lawsuit, the Key agent is responsible for the entire E&O Deductible, currently $5000

    Moving Forward:
      Key Agents will have the opportunity to waive their financial responsibility of the E&O deductible. 

    Key Realty will take full responsibility for E&O deductible so long as an America’s Preferred Home Warranty is presented to the client and signed (either acceptance or waiver). 

    • Exceptions:
      • Vacant or Raw land
      • Commercial and multi-family
      • E&O still covers these sales, however, a home warranty is not applicable.  Therefore if a suit occurs, the agent is responsible for the deductible.


    Seller Downloads (Also available in Dotloop)

    Full Brochure - APHW Agreement

    Home Seller Benefits


    • Warranty coverage begins when the home is listed
    • Keeps your deals together
    • Prevents post-sale headaches - Buyer call APHW, not you
    • LISTSECURE® - Post-Sale Legal Protection Available - Up to $1000/2 years

    Q: The seller has agreed to list the home with an APHW home warranty for the buyer. The seller accepts an offer from a buyer who wants another company's home warranty. What should you do?

    A: Since the seller has already agreed to provide the APHW home warranty, and you have entered it at as a listing warranty (within 7 days of listing date please!), leave the plan in place. If you remove the warranty, the seller is not protected for repairs during the listing period. And, what if the buyer backs out? You would then have to reinstate the warranty online. Our APHW representative, Tyler James, says you should then have the seller sign a warranty waiver at the closing for you to be protected under the APHW E&O deductible coverage. Then simply phone APHW and let them know that the buyer opted for another plan and no payment is due to them. 


    Flyer Downloads (Also available in Dotloop)

    Full Brochure - APHW Agreement

    Home Buyer Benefits

    Choice of Contractor

    • Payments towards covered repair costs
    • Ability to choose their own contractor
    • Easy Claims 24/7/365


        • Training will be deployed online and in-person in your Region
        • Your Regional Partner has set up in-person training with your local APHW representative over the next several weeks and continuously moving forward
        • Starting October 18th, files will be returned if either the acceptance or waiver is not completed

        Agent Training 

        Online training dates have been posted on the regional training calendars and will also be available in the Week at Key. Stay tuned for opportunities to attend in-person APHW training and meet your local reps! 

        View your local training calendar at > Locations


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