Scripts for Asking For Referrals

Scripts and tips on how to ask your clients for referrals

Eight Ways to Ask for a Referral

My Personal Favorite…

“I have a challenge that maybe you can help me with.  Right now, we have a shortage of homes to sell in the ________ area, particularly in certain price ranges.  

Do you know anyone who is giving thought to selling their home, we could probably get them top dollar quickly and help someone trying to relocate into the area.”

(Don’t worry about asking for buyer referrals, they will give them to you anyway, but you have to ask for sellers.)

1. At the Listing

 “I really appreciate your listing the home with me…you know there are a couple of things we can do to market your home more effectively than most REALTORS right out of the gate.

 The first is I’m going to send you a link to your home online and I would like you to post it on your Facebook page. You would be surprised at how many of your friends and family might already know of a buyer who would be perfect for your home. Encourage your friends to “share” your listing with their “friends” and we can help make your home go viral!

 Second and this might surprise you but most REALTORS spend about 70% of their time prospecting for new business instead of looking for a buyer for your home. My approach is different I run my business by referral – so all of my business comes word of mouth –that way I can spend all of time looking for a buyer for your listing. You see…odds are in the next couple of weeks you will hear about someone thinking about buying or selling a home…so all I ask is that you send them my way – just keep me top of mind – does that sound OK? 

2. Buyer Meeting/Tour

“I love looking at homes and helping folks like you find the right fit for your lifestyle, it’s funny, how often people buy homes and then it triggers people around them to start thinking about making a real estate change…. Do you have any family or friends that are getting the itch to make a real estate move? “ 

3. At the Closing Table – With a Buyer

 “I am so excited that we have closed this sale! I’m sure over the next couple weeks you will have tons of friends and family dropping by to check out your new place….listen, if any of them mention that they may be considering buying or selling would you give them my card or better yet give me a call? By the way I got you a closing gift to help you remember how special today is (present the gift)…” 

4. At the Closing Table – With a Seller

 "I am really excited we were able to sell your home. Now that you’re moving I’m sure a few of your friends and neighbors might decide to follow you….Listen as you know I work by referral, so if you do hear of anyone thinking about making a real estate change – big or small - please give me call or give them my card. Seriously your referrals are my highest compliment. " 

5. Phone Call – Ask for Listing

"I really do appreciate your call. Listen, I have a buyer looking for a home in “___________  neighborhood” if you hear of anyone thinking about selling in that area please give me a buzz and remember I am never too busy for your referral!" 

6. Phone Call – Ask for a Buyer

 "Thanks for the call. Listen before you hang up – I just listed a home (provide details) it’s really an incredible deal. If you hear of anyone looking for a great investment please give me a call. " 

7. Casual Conversation – Investor Approach

"You know it is such a great time to buy real estate. Get this I (or my office) just sold a place (describe an exceptional bargain) it was really a steal. If you hear of anyone considering investing in real estate let me know – I have a list of properties that are “killer” deals. " 

8. Casual Conversation – How is the Market?

"It really depends. It depends on if you are a buyer, seller, or investor. For buyers and investors it’s a terrific time to get in on the market, maybe the best time in our lifetimes, for sellers the good news is that the market is improving in most areas. So what are you a buyer, seller, or investor? "