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Logo Downloads

Key Realty LogoBlue Logo/White Background (.JPEG)

Key-Realty-Logo_1800x1800 (1)Blue Logo/No Background (.PNG)

Key Logo White blue Background .pngWhite Logo/Blue Background (.PNG)

Key Logo White Black Background .png
White Logo/Black Background (.PNG)
KeyRealty_Horizontal_Logo_KeyBlueBlue Logo/White Background (.JPEG) KeyRealty_Horizontal_Logo_BlackBlack Logo/White Background (.PNG)


Using the Key Logo

The Key logo is the most immediate representation of our company, our people, and our brand. It is a valuable asset that must be used consistently in the proper, approved forms. With Key, there are variations to the logo that must be used properly to achieve consistent recognition. Whether the logo is going on a T-shirt, Pen, Letterhead, or Presentation you must use it properly and consistently. The purpose of This guide is to show you the different forms of the logo and when to use them.


Spacing & Size Requirements

The logotype must be reproduced with a clear area around it which is free from other graphic elements. This area is known as the ‘Clearspace’. This space around the logo ensures that the Key logo is not being lost in a sea of other logos or other graphic elements. ClearSpacing is integral to a logo being recognized among other elements. To establish what the clear spacing should be, use the Keyhole box as a reference. (See examples to the right) This method will ensure that there is just enough amount of Clearspace around the logo regardless of the logo size. This also works with other variations of the Key Logo

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.12.20 AM


Using the Horizontal Logo

The purpose of the horizontal Key logo is to provide easy legibility in small and difficult spaces. Such instances of use for example can be on pens, pencils, back scratchers, or anything that has a less than square space for the Key logo.

When using the logo there are also some details to keep in mind when viewing and using it in marketing. The first attribute of this logo is the text, which is Source Sans Pro, so that even at small sizes it will be legible. The next attribute is the keyhole size and space between the “K”. The box containing the keyhole should be equal to the Cap Height of the uppercase “K” and equal to the descender height of the lowercase “y”. (See example below) The space between the box and the “K” is the exact same space as the Keyhole itself. This will ensure that when produced at any size, you will be able to determine the correct spacing requirement.

It's also worth noting that the “l” in Realty goes a little bit above the Cap Height Line. This is supposed to happen and is known as the ascender Height Line.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.14.41 AM

Proper Logo Usage

Having an awesome logo means having the responsibility of properly using it. To help with that, this guide has a multitude of ways and means of using it correctly – and incorrectly.

  1. Don’t recolor the logo using a gray. Always use Key Blue, Black, or white
  2. Don’t modify the keyhole in any way
  3. Don’t move the keyhole closer to “K”
  4. Don’t add color or graphic inside keyhole
  5. Don’t rotate the Key logo
  6. Don’t relocate the keyhole
  7. Don't modify the Key text
  8. Don’t place the logo over an image using a non-contrasting color
  9. Don’t place any graphics behind Logo
  10. Do not use unapproved typefaces.
  11. Don’t place the logo over busy backgrounds
  12. Do not change the Logo font

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.20.27 AM

Preferred Logo Placement

While the Key logo can be placed just about anywhere, there are some places the Logo does best. Typically the standard Key logo, along with its variation Realty One, is the most versatile when it comes to placement. On presentations, the logo does well in the very center by itself. On other documents, it does well in the top right, bottom right, or the bottom center as a footer to a document.

Other variations of the logo such as the horizontal and extended “y” require special consideration when placed on any media. When the horizontal variation of the logo needs to be used it should be alone, in the center on novelty items like pens and USB flash drives. The extended “y” variation also has very special placement requirements that must be adhered to. The “y” should always be in the bottom right corner of any media.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.22.12 AM         Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.24.38 AM

Key Color

Our Key Blue is our most distinguishing feature in the Key Brand. It is an essential part of our company as our Key Blue representsTrust, Honesty, and Loyalty. From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible–

Attributes that Key values. When using our Key blue, there are things you have to keep in mind. Depending on the printer you use, they may not support the Pantone system. (Larger printing companies will support Pantone) In those cases, you will have to settle for the 4 colors processed version of the Key Blue. On the screen, you may not notice a difference, but when printed on paper, you will see it. This may mean you will have to change your design to better reflect the Key Brand. When using the RGB screen mode, you will generally see the color on your screen reproduced the same way on other screens with very little noticeable difference, if any at all. However, older monitors may not be able to reproduce that RGB makeup. This is a rare instance where you would need to utilize the websafe color.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.26.51 AM

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.26.57 AM



Typography is an essential element of any visual identity system. By using a variety of combinations and styles we can optimize readability & reinforce Key concepts within a flexible type system – all while maintaining a consistent look and feel for the Key brand.

Key has two main typefaces in its Brand and third safe typeface. The two main typefaces are “It Ain’t Rocket Science” & Source SansPro. The third typeface, which is a safe typeface that every operating system should have and recognize, is Calibri. This font should be recognized on every computer it interacts with. This is important for sharing word documents or designing for web purposes. This will ensure that text isn’t changed to an unapproved font and anything you send using it will appear as you sent it.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.29.49 AM
Download Here


Typeface Examples

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.31.01 AM



Key Apparel Guidelines

Promotional apparel like Polos, Jackets, Umbrellas, Head-wear, Scarves, and T-shirts are a great giveaway for conferences, fairs, raffles, and special gifts to clients. This is also a great opportunity to showcase the Key brand and identity since the wearers are like walking billboards. So it is vitally important that all apparel follow these guidelines:

  • Artwork/design should be limited to one or 2 colors to maximize contrast with the fabric.
  • Designs should take a minimalism approach to keep to the Keybranding identity
  • Create a relationship with the screen printer/supplier so you can know what the limitations and services they provide.
  • Limit apparel to saying the Key Name and location. That way it won't go out of date long after the event has taken place
  • Special event wear (Example C) is the exception to some of the previous guidelines. The logo standards must still be followed. Design of special event wear can be creative though!
  • Fabric can be any color, however, it is suggested that you use the Key colors. It is not a requirement though.
  • Keep in mind that Key apparel is a valuable tool for agents to remind people that they’re in the real estate business and the more they can incorporate it into their everyday wardrobe, the better.
  • Apparel examples are (But not limited to): Mittens, Hats, Polos, T-shirts, Jackets, Scarves, Bags, Accessories, Blankets, and many more.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.40.39 AMScreen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.40.33 AM



Yard Signs

Yard Sign Templates are available at

When using signs, there are standard sizes that Key recommends using:

  • 18 x 24
  • 18 x 30
  • 24 x 30

There are a few aspects of the signs to keep in mind when designing them. Depending on local or state law, you may need to incorporate certain aspects into your signs. In the state of Ohio, signs are required to have the company name be of “equal or greater prominence” than the agent name.In the state of Michigan, the law is the same but, the office address and/or phone number must be on the sign. Key would prefer that the address be on the sign. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.42.17 AM




Using the trademark symbol correctly can be an intimidating task. With Key, however, we’ve compiled a handy guide to help navigate the questions you may have.

Whether you’re using a Copyright or Trademark symbol, the placement and size of them are treated the same. On symbols like the Key Logo, the mark should be visible and in Source Sans Pro, but not large enough to distract from the overall logo or design. Simply placing it at the end of the “y” for the main logo will do just fine.

As for the horizontal logo, since that variation will typically be printed on smaller items like pens, the mark should be a bit larger so that it's visible at a small size. When used in bodies of text like reports or emails, the mark should be a superscript. See the examples below for visual clarification.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.51.23 AM