Brokersumo & Commission Statements

BrokerSumo is a program that generates agent commission reports and tracks sales data

NOTICE:  Commission Disbursement emails are sent from - check your promotions, spam/junk folder

What is Brokersumo?

BrokerSumo is an online software used to manage commissions and disbursements for real estate brokerages, agents and teams. It allows users to track and report real estate sales and commission quickly and effectively. 

How does Key Realty use Brokersumo?

At Key Realty, we use Brokersumo to track sales and commissions and send our agents their commission disbursement form once they have an approved closing folder for payment. The commission statement outlines the transaction details, gross commissions, any fees paid to Key Realty, and lastly the amount the agent will receive via direct deposit for each sale. 

After each approved closing folder you will receive an email with your completed commission disbursement form attached as a .pdf. Please keep this for your records and reach out to your office manager with any questions. 

I have a question about my commission disbursement. Whom do I contact?

If you have any questions regarding a commission disbursement you have received, reach out to your office manager with any questions. Below is an example of a commission disbursement form along with a detailed explanation of each line item.

Sample Commission DisbursementScreen Shot 2020-01-24 at 9.54.16 AM

Click here for a sample PDF copy 

Understanding the Commission Disbursement Form

Brokerage Gross Commission - This is the total commission that is deposited into Key Realty's commission account

Pre-Commission Credits/Debits - These can be items such as referrals that Key Realty pays out in the event the title company did not pay the referral at closing. Other items that can be included are sponsorship fees Key Realty pays to agents for referring you to Key. Learn More about that here.

Brokerage Gross Commission after credits/debits - The commission total after referrals are taken out of the gross commission. 

(Listing or Selling) Agent Commission:

Agent Gross Commission - This is the commission amount due to you before Key Dues are taken out if there are multiple agents being paid on a sale. (example. a team leader and buyers agent)

Agent Commission - This is the commission amount after any 50/50 Key Dues are taken out. If you are capped or on Key Monthly or Key Yearly, this amount would be the same as the gross commission. 

Final Commission Breakdown: This is a summary of the commission breakdown. 

Net Amount Due to Brokerage - This is the commission due to Key Realty from Key Dues taken from the sale. If you are capped, this amount will read $0.00. 

Net Amount Due to Agent - This is the commission amount that will be deposited into your bank account via direct deposit. ❗💰