Handling Commission Disputes

How does Key Realty handle commission disputes with agents

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1. Contact the other party first:

- Agent to agent first (preferred)
- Manager/Broker to Manager/Broker (BCC Matt Weisenburger - creates a privilege of communication.)

2. Contact Attorney (optional):

We have negotiated with an attorney, Matt Weisenburger,
(419) 321-6444
For a small fee he will consult, make a call to the other party, & write a letter. The agent is responsible for all legal fees. 

3. Pursue arbitration:

Agent review arbitration rules/requirements (See your local board rules)

The agent will need to:

- Reach out to their manager and explain the situation
- Gather documentation
- Write a timeline of events
- Pay filing fee
- Management will help prepare and submit arbitration documents