Key Education Series Schedule & Fresh Start

This is a list of the core curriculum of Key training in rotation as taught by the company

Key Education Series List 

Fresh Start Series List 


Key Education Series Schedule

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Client Relationships

1. Client Protection & Risk Reduction

  • Legal Aspects of Inspections
  • Client Protection
  • How to Avoid Violating the Code of Ethics
  • How to Conduct your Business within the Bounds of Laws & Ethics


2. Listing Presentations

  • Seller Counseling
  • Benefit
  • Real Marketing Steps
  • Close Marketing Steps


3. Negotiating

  • Are you a Messenger or a Negotiator?
  • Managing Expectations
  • Negotiating Low Offers
  • Securing Higher Offers


4. Selling with Personality

  • Learn Professional Communication - Clear, Concise & Effective Dialog
  • Different Personality types & How to adjust your Personality.
  • Body Language
  • Reading & Interpreting Non-Verbal Cues
  • Creating great relationships with Clients.


5. Dealing With Difficult People

  • Learn the Benefits of Spotting & Managing Difficult People\
  • The Trouble Signs
  • Physical Signs
  • Situational Signs
  • Physical or Visual Cues
  • Approaches & Coping Strategies
  • Setting Ground Rules. Termination Dialogs.



6. Time Investment & Management

  • Scheduling A Great Life
  • Goals
  • 2 Hours - All the Difference
  • Assumptions, Ankle-biters & Weapons
  • Top Producer Habits

7. Buying vs Renting

  • The Advantages of Residential Ownership - The Best Investment in the World
  • Home Ownership Advantages -Appreciation, Principal Reduction, Equity, etc
  • Rental Advantages - Mobility ,No Maintenance, No Upgrades etc.
  • How to Calculate the Financial Difference between Renting & Buying AND MORE!

8. Call Conversion

  • Questions that turn Prospects into Clients
  • Determine who is ready, Willing & Able -NOW
  • Converting Sign and Ad calls
  • Overcoming the Fear of Rejection
  • Develop the Skills to turn a Cold call Warm


9. Showing & Selling Houses

  1. Five Steps to a Good Presentation
  2. How to Fire a Buyer
  3. Advantages of Buying from You
  4. How to get Purchasers



10. Property Evaluation

  • Real Estate Appraisal is an important skill for the real estate professional because:                           
  • Property-priced homes sell
  • You will have better relationships with your buyers and sellers
  • Your professional reputation in the real estate industry will be as a professional who prices property properly
  • You will attract more & better buyers from accurately-priced listings
  • Knowing how to evaluate rental property can provide an additional client base from which to draw and increase income

Lead Generation

11. The 10 Keys

  • 10 Keys for Agents
  • Everything you need to know to build a great career
  • The 10 keys of Key Realty, principles by which we run the company, teach the business and run our lives
  • Key Principles and our Core Beliefs


12. Hot Market Marketing

  • The Housing Situation
  • Seller’s Market - New Realty
  • 3 kinds of Marketing    
    • Open House Strategies
    • Hot Market Tactics     
    • Creating Value for Private Sellers


13. Prospecting & Expired's

  • Prospecting - The Game Changer
  • Learn the Importance of Prospecting
  • The systematic Accumulation of Potential Clients
  • Consistent Income
  • Self-Confidence
  • Listing Attract Buyers
  • Better awareness of your service area


14. FSBO's

  • For Sale by Owner - The fastest Source of Business Opportunity
  • Expectations, the Process & the Facts
  • Follow-up and deserve the business
  • Things not to do AND MORE!


15. Geographic Farming

  • Importance of Listening to The Ultimate Business Model
  • Picking a good area
  • Tactics & Strategies
  • Marketing, Active & Passive Business Development
  • Open House for Image Development



16. Objections - Part 1

  • Create breaking points in Presentation
  • Objections or Opportunities?
  • Making it Work
  • Get a Great Foundation
  • Fundamentals and Skills
  • Observation vs Objection
  • Paraphrasing, Clarifying & Disclosure 


17. Objections - Part 2

  • Review 5 reasons to buy now
  • Roleplay some of these rejection responses
  • Objections or Opportunities
  • Fundamentals and Skills
  • Observation vs Objection
  • Paraphrasing, Clarifying & Disclosure


18. Objections - Part 3

  • Buyer Objections
  • Listing Objections
  • Commission Objections
  • Fundamentals and Skills
  • Paraphrasing, Clarifying & Disclosure



19. Financing

  • What is considered income to qualify for a loan?
  • What are a few red flags that indicate that you should have this person see a qualified lender before showing houses?


20. Financing Alternatives

  • Come and Learn!
  • This class deals with non- conventional financing FHA VA and USDA


21. Tying It All Together

  • Goal Setting, refresh on the 10 Keys. Growing your Business.

Fresh Start Classes

Part 1 - Everything you need to become effective for your clients in Real Estate

Help you create the mindset of a business owner
Integrity Selling - In your product, your industry, your company and in yourself.
4 Business Models - with the Social Sphere of Prospecting and Lead Generation.
Dialogs -The Goal is the Appointment, Buyer & Seller appointment dialogs.
Specific scripts & dialogs for conversations
Set up systems to manage your business profitably
Manage your database to close more deals
Prospect in a seller's market to find buyers & sellers
Listing Presentation - Virtual Tours, Brochures & Signage, MLS, Websites, Comparative Market Analysis & flyers.
Client Services Portfolio Presentation - What is the best way to find properties and financing - Free One Stop Shopping


Part 2:  Using Key Tools to Build a Successful Business

How to avoid pitfalls and lawsuits with today's complex transactions
How to fill out contracts & negotiating offers
Interacting with the Board of REALTORS
Communication expectations
Key Realty Website and Tools Tour
Dotloop & CRM Training - Learning how to use these tools to build your business!