Inducement for Sale

Inducements are legal & in some cases don’t need to be disclosed.

  • Some states prohibit “offering anything of value other than the consideration recited in the sales contract as an inducement to enter into a contract for the purchase or sale of real estate.”
  • Thus, REALTORS can offer incentives, gift certificates, free home warranties, discount coupons, etc. to a buyer or seller as long as it is disclosed in the purchase agreement.
  • We have a form in the dotloop templates section, titled Inducement For Sale.
  • The rule only applies to inducements offered as incentives to someone to enter into a purchase agreement.

It does not require disclosure of items that are offered to merely entice a seller to enter into a listing agreement or get buyers to attend an open house.

OAR Rules on Inducements, Referrals and Gifts

You can’t bribe people to give you leads.