Key Checkup

Three Things that are Right or Wrong
The 10 Keys 
Rating Your Skills

Three Things are Right or Wrong

  1. You either have a plan or you don't.
  2. You're doing it, or you're not. 
  3. It works, or it doesn't. 

The 10 Keys

Get a Community

Have a virtual community of everyone you know and put everything you know about them in it. Everything. Pay attention to your most important people: people that have given you referrals. 


Grow the Community

These are important people to you. Act like it. Be sincere. 

Become intentional, structured, and disciplined about adding people to your social sphere of influence. Join something, get involved in the community, help local entrepreneurs, and grow their businesses, too. Stay in touch. Become their friend in the real estate business. 


Ask the Community

Ask for referrals and always frame and present your referral question as an offer to assist someone and/or their friends. And always ask for seller referrals. (They will give the buyers, don’t worry about it.)


Thank the Community

Have an automatic, systematic and preplanned way to acknowledge and honor the most important event in your career: the privilege of receiving a referral. The people who give you referrals are simply stated, important. Express your gratitude and appreciation for the critical role they play in your life. 


Focus on the Listings

Every business has a magic land, a place where it is simply easier and faster to make money. 

In the real estate business, seller-based activity is somewhere between 600% and 1200% more efficient and effective as a dollar-per-hour income-producing activity. Frame yourself as a specialist. After all, you are an expert in your field. 


Have a Dialogue 

The magic moment of the real estate business is when someone says, “I am thinking about buying (or selling) my home." Your proactive approach will make all the difference. Don’t ask them to call you, don’t tell them you’ll call, take action and create a list of the best buying opportunities and set up a time to deliver them. Instead of asking them for business, you’ve already started an active dialogue. 

But, what about the guy who doesn’t want to “do anything for at least a year?” $5,000 a year from now is the same as $5,000 today. 

If you walk out of that appointment as the “family realtor,” you’ll have a client, you’ll get paid, and you likely have years worth of referrals in the meantime. 


Unparalleled Presentation

Professionals use professional tools. Put your best foot forward with a world-class services proposal that clearly demonstrates your expertise and experience and frames you as the best choice, the right choice.


Add Value

Listen carefully, be calm, compassionate and emotionally available. Suit up, show up, and be your best self. People are far more interested in you as a person than they are in your charts and graphs. Make a commitment to add 20 minutes to every appointment to allow people an opportunity to express themselves. Be patient, tolerant, loving and kind in all your dealings with clients.


Be an Entrepreneur

Our professionals can provide you with economic stability and financial freedom. We believe that accomplished real estate professionals are not employed or self-employed. They are business owners and business owners have business plans and well-reasoned strategies. 

They do the right things, the right way for the right reasons.


Rating Your Skills

Listing Presentation

Buyer Agent Presentation

Responding to Objections

Risk Reduction and Paperwork

Time Management and Organization 


Training & Education - Re-entering Key



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