Key Realty Holding Earnest Money (OH)

Whenever possible, the preferred method is always for the title company to hold the EMD.

If Key Realty must hold the EMD, the Fifth Third Bank Trust checking account
number is 7341712334 and the routing number is 041200050.

Prior to depositing the check, make a copy of it for your loop sales folder along with the completed deposit slip.

Be sure to write on the deposit slip that you complete and hand to the bank teller these 3 things:
- Your name
- Buyer name
- Property address

When you are ready, here’s the information needed for Key Realty to release the EMD:

Typically after inspections and when you know that a closing is pending, you would email Debbie Rajner at and request that the EMD is released.

Send your request for earnest money to at least 2 business days prior to closing. Include the following information in your email:

1. EARNEST MONEY REQUEST and Address – in subject line
2. Property Address
3.Buyer’s Name
4. Date of Closing
5. Should the check be made out to the EMD issuer or to what title company name?
6. Tell us if you are picking up the check at the office or if you would like it mailed (include mailing address if you want it mailed).