Key Realty Listing Agreement - NEW 2021

Key Realty announced the new listing agreement that will cover all offices and states. The listing agreement change goes into effect on October 28th, 2021.

Overview & Benefits 


A listing agreement is an agreement between a Brokerage and a client.  It is important to include certain elements in these agreements for both the protection of the clients and Brokerage (agents). 


We currently have over 20 different listing agreements throughout MI and OH.  This creates a huge liability issue for Key Realty. 


One listing agreement for Key Realty


  • Litigation Protection for Key and Agents
  • Fewer Forms = Less room for errors

While the Listing Agreement is longer than current listing agreements, it encompasses and eliminates the following individual forms:

  1. Video Surveillance and Audio monitoring form
  2. Vacant Home Disclosure Form
  3. Anti-Fraud Addendum
  4. Transaction Information Form


  • The new listing agreement will be required for use by ALL Key Agents on October 18th, 2021
  • All Key agents will be required to complete the 20-minute training video and assessments prior to October 28th, 2021
  • Icon in Keyword 2.0- “Listing Agreement Training” on

Agent Training

Preview the new Listing Agreement Here

Training Module on

How to create your own template for the listing agreement:  Click Here 

Agents will receive an email notification when the class has been added to their course library. 

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Rewatch the New Listing Agreement Announcement from the 2021 Key Realty Special Event

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