Key Realty Policy for Co-Broke Commissions

The Key Realty policy for co-broke is mandatory except for corporate client listings where a lower commission is directed by the client (such as relocation companies or Bank REOs). In these cases, the co-broke should be no less than 50% of the total commission.

The Policy for Co-Broke Commission varies by region. Please refer to your dotloop templates to view the Co-Broke Commission Policy for your specific region. 

The purpose of this policy is to prevent issues where Key Realty buyer's agents are writing into their purchase contracts language requiring the seller to pay larger co-broke commissions, which creates the appearance of Key agents fighting over commissions.  This does not reflect well on us with our clients/customers.  

Key Realty buyer's agents are not to request higher co-broke commissions from Key Listing agents when the co-broke offered is in compliance with the Key Realty Policy for Co-Broke Commissions.

Please feel free to contact your manager with any questions regarding this policy.