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Legal Disputes and Errors & Omissions

Errors & Omissions

Most expensive policy we could find

Additional Protections and Riders

Personal Purchases

Fair Housing

Business Liability

Commercial Real Estate

$0 Deductible - (How to never pay for a legal dispute)

To qualify for the E & O Deductible Waiver you must have ALL of the following documentation in your file:

1.   Property Disclosure Form signed by seller and buyer prior to closing;

2.  Home Warranty Policy was purchased prior to closing

3.  Board sales contract - A state or local board approved standard sales contract was utilized.

4.  Either one of the following items:

Home inspection was completed and a copy was provided to the buyer prior to closing; or

Home inspection waiver - If you act solely as the buyer’s agent a statement outlining the reasons a home inspection should be completed and a list of at least 3 home inspection companies was provided to such buyer prior to the closing.

Dispute Handling

Agent to Agent

Agent to Broker 

Broker Intervention - (If even you think you need to involve management, you do)

Attorneys  (Don't talk to attorneys, other than closing issues)

The Cornerstone - Errors & Omissions (E & O) & $0 Deductible Waiver

Legal dispute intervention - Matt Weissenburger - $175 - phone and letter

Proactive conflict resolution:  Our brokers will proactively intervene in ethics or commission disputes and welcome the opportunity to insist on appropriate and professional behavior both inside and outside the company.