Listing a home with NO Showings

Most MLS's do not allow agents to enter listings that are not available for showings. Please refer to your local MLS rules and regulations for more information on this process. 

Most MLS operate similarly to this verbiage below. Again, we recommend you check with your local MLS. 

Listings entered into the MLS compilation shall be available for showings and purchase immediately. If the property is not available for showings at the time the listing contract is signed, the MLS Authority clause should be stricken out on the listing agreement, initialed by the seller(s) and a copy of the agreement sent to and kept on file by the MLS until the listing is available for showings. Failure to comply with this rule shall result in the imposition of a fine of as set forth in Section 7(b) of the MLS Rules & Regulations. MLS staff will also immediately remove the “No Showing” comments from the listing.

Please note:  No listings entered into the MLS compilation shall include the comment(s) “No Showing”, “No showings until further notice” and/or contain any reference to a “No Showing” comment for any reason.  

You will want to use a TOMK (Temporarily off the market) form or completely withdraw the listing if the home and/or sellers are not ready for viewings.