Listing Appointment Scripts

Scripts and tips on how to get the listing appointment

The easiest way to get an appointment is to offer a service, here are three approaches.

(remember, 70% of the time, clients list with the first realtor to get an appointment)

Competitive Market Analysis - (4 Benefits)

“If you are giving some thought to selling your home, at Key Realty, we offer a  Free Competitive Market Analysis of your home. This service can help you in four ways:


You can avoid the problems of  underpricing your home and costing yourself money.


Overpriced homes sell other people’s houses and your home will sit on the market without success

Prove Value

If you have a buyer interested in your home, maybe our report can be used to demonstrate value and have the buyer agree to your price

 Firm Plans for the Future

 If you know your homes value, you can identify the equity available and begin to make firm plans for the future regarding your new home and its price range and amenities”

(Important:  use whatever approach is most applicable to their circumstances and situation)

Home Evaluation Service

“We offer a free Home Evaluation Service that can provide you with information about recommended repairs or renovations that you should or should not complete prior to sale. 

Many of the items that sellers upgrade have no impact on salability or price. 

We might be able to save you a lot of money. 

Can I come over and get a look at your home sometime in the next couple of days?”

Free Staging Service

“Many of our sellers and clients have really loved our free staging service.   We come over and evaluate your home, and come up with concrete recommendations to enhance its salability and get you top dollar quickly through effective staging of your home.   

We can assist you with appropriate placement of furniture,  decluttering your home and provide you with information to not just to show your home, but show it off and get you top dollar.”