Move Easy

MoveEasy is our client concierge service. Discover resources, support, and instructions.

Key Realty has partnered with MoveEasy to help our clients with their moving needs. Move Easy service, powered by MoveEasy is provided for complimentary/free for all agents and clients. Below are some of the features of the service:

10 Things to Know

1. It's Optional (you and/or your clients do not have to use it) 

2. It's FREE  - This service is provided FREE to Key Realty agents and their clients

3. It has a track record - over 35,000 agents already use it and love it

4. FREE to KEY - You don't have to pay for it indirectly

5. How does it work? Who pays for it? - Income comes directly from (the platform provider for Key Concierge) to the service provider (Example: pays for leads and/or sign-ons)

No sale of client’s data and no direct or indirect outreach. Your client has to opt in to begin. 

6. Not a Key profit center - About 10% of MoveEasy fees go to Key and we will break even or lose money mounting this system for you

7. White-Labeled,  It’s all about you - It is branded to you and Key (When your clients go in there, your smiling face will appear, when they are looking for a plumber 4 years from now and getting ready to sell their home)

8. Live USA-based concierge phone team exclusive to Key Realty
(services providers and facilitators are available to your
clients 9AM - 9PM M-F)

9. Your own Contractors - Yup, you can put your own people in there and refer them some business while creating and nurturing a long-term relationships with them.

10. You can learn it in 30 minutes - Watch the video below!

• A dedicated human concierge to assist your clients with all moving and home maintenance needs
• Agent branded online dashboard to keep all moving task-organized
• Scheduling moving and self-storage services
• Setting up internet, cable, home security and utility information
• Free mail forwarding
• Assistance with engaging with your preferred vendors and other home pros
• Personalized week by week moving checklist
• Amazon Alexa access a to your free “Concierge for Life"

DOWNLOAD the MoveEasy Resource Guide by clicking the image below

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MoveEasy Webinar (1/18/22)

HubSpot Video

KeyConcierge Agent Training Video


Why Use Move Easy 


Logging Into MoveEasy

Your personal link to your platform is [FirstName]-[LastName]



Opt Out of KeyConcierge/MoveEasy


Opt Into KeyConcierge/MoveEasy



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