Dealing with non-responsive agents

What to do when an agent is non-responsive

If you are dealing with a non-cooperative agent who does not respond/return calls, I recommend the following process:

  • Start creating a paper trail by following up on your phone call/text with an email.  
  • Your second request should state what you are after and that you would like a response by a specific time.
  • Your third request should state that if the agent doesn’t respond, you will be forced to assume something has happened to them and you will contact their broker for assistance. This will usually get you a very quick response.
  • Your fourth request should be to the broker.

If you are still not able to get a missing/incomplete form from the agent on the other side, we simply ask that you upload the form signed by your client as well your email request to the other agent/broker, preferably one that says "2nd or 3rd Request".

Also, include a note when you submit your folder for review, explaining that you have been unable to get the required documentation from the other agent and have included documentation of your attempt to get the information.