Ohio - Process & Costs for Licensing

This article summarizes the process of coming into the real estate business in Ohio with Key Realty

1.     Startup Costs

            $1,339.00.    Pre-license Classes (see Details below)

            $1,333.00     Initial Costs - Board Dues Maximum - Prorated (Annual costs - $1,000.00) 

            $    200.00     Errors & Omissions and Admin processing - upon licensing

           $       50.00     Business Cards

           $    200.00     Signs 

           $3,122.00.    Total (Approximate)      

2.     Enroll for pre-license classes at Hondros College

             How to Access: 4 Easy Steps!

             a.     Visit the portal here: https://keyrealtyohio.fastclass.com/

             b.     Go to Course Offerings  and select Real Estate Online Pre-licensing   

             c.      Select Ohio

            d.      Add your courses to your cart and checkout! 😀

            NOTE:   The Key Scholarship Program can save you up to $614 and includes all textbooks and:  

            Pre-license Courses

                       Ohio Real Estate Principles & Practices

                       Ohio  Real Estate Law

                       Ohio  Real Estate Finance

                      Ohio Real Estate Appraisal

            Test Preparation

                     Real Estate Sales Review Crammer

                     Real Estate Sales Compucram  Exam Prep Program – National and Ohio


                    20 hour  Real Estate Sales Post-Licensing Course 


2.     Key Realty Education, Training & Mentoring

            Sales Orientation

            Administration Orientation

            Business Planning

            Fast Start -  12 hours of  quality-content, high intensity training on basic real estate skills

            Key Education Series -  5-month, 2 hours a week, live webinar or video online training

            Free Continuing Education

            Key Goes to NAR - The National Realtors Conventions available as streaming content

            Key Realty After Hours and Special Events

            Key Talks - Specialty Topics and Industry Update information

            Key Knowledge Base

            Coaching & Mentoring Programs

            NOTE:    Attendance at  Orientation, Business Planning, Fast Start and the Key Education Series                    is mandatory for agents entering the business


2.    Next Steps

         For Licensing:

          Complete classes and get grade transcripts

          Take the examination preparatory course

          Obtain a real estate broker for sponsorship

          Submit for licensing with your company and broker

          Take State Real Estate exam

          Join the Board of Realtors and obtain access for multiple listing service

          Take on-going, state-mandated Continuing Education classes

          For Licensing at Key:

          Sales Orientation

           Administration Orientation

           Business Planning

           Fast Start -  12 hours of  quality-content, high intensity training on basic real estate skills

           Key Education Series -  5-month, 2 hours a week, Available as live webinar or video online training


2.    Resources

Also, our website, keyworld.tv has a wealth of information on a variety of subjects, the links are below:
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