1. Key Realty Knowledge Base
  2. Key Realty Policy Manual

Our Core Beliefs


1.1 Broker as Provider of Services

1.2 Cost

1.3 Education


1.1 Broker as Provider of Services

We are a provider of services to real estate agents, not your business partner. Your goals and aspirations are unique and personal to you. If you want to sell 10 houses or 50 houses, that is up to you. Regardless of your goals, we want you to accomplish them. Because of our business model we do not put pressure on agents for additional production.

1.2 Cost

The beating heart of this company is our cost model.

By creating conference room office space, direct call routing to agents, and title company closing responsibility, we have successfully evolved the traditional real estate company into a new structure that gives the agents the best technology, information and education available in the business and reduces the brokerage payout from approximately 35% to 8%, by eliminating unneeded, unwanted and redundant programs and services.

It was and is our strong belief that this change was necessary for the agents in our business to survive and thrive in a challenging environment.

1.3 Education

Further, we will place emphasis on helping agents with skill enhancement through advanced educational formats including virtualized training and meetings. We find that agents generally raise their incomes and change their lives by working with personal development skills as well as technical skills. Consequently, emphasis will be placed with the company on skills such as goal setting, time management and attitude maintenance and development. We live in a society where cynicism passes for sophistication, but we have found that it seldom if ever, helps real estate agents make money.  Most of us manage our comfort levels far better than our businesses. We do what we want, rather than what our business needs, and for agents that are willing to make progress, we believe it is our responsibility to assist them in this endeavor. There is a direct correlation between personal development programs and income in this business. Learners are earners, and we strongly believe that if you want to change everything, the only thing you really need to change is yourself. In keeping with our business model, attendance beyond basic skills training, with very rare exception, is optional but encouraged.

1.4 Quality 

We are concerned about the quality of the marketing product, commitment and education and technology tools of our agents. The industry standard will be raised by our efforts in this regard. Consistently sloppy, careless or negligent work on the part of any agent within our company will, quite simply, not be tolerated in fairness to everyone within the company.

1.5 Social Culture

We like to have fun and will schedule regular social events such as Key Realty/Key Realty One After Hours, college tailgate parties and year-end celebrations. And we also believe that every function we have can and will be appropriate for our children or grandchildren to attend.

1.6 Technology

The answers to cost-effective customer relationship management, administrative systems and time effectiveness in our industry lie within high technology. Through the Dotloop document management system, scanning devices, websites and advanced database technology, we intend to provide our agents with the finest technological solutions available in the industry today.

1.7 Training

We believe that everyone coming into the business and/or needing basic skills to be effective should be provided an opportunity to obtain those skills through and with their real estate broker. This is a responsibility that we take seriously. We can and will insist that our agents place the same emphasis on acquiring and maintaining basic technical skills. In order to convince anyone else that you are the person best qualified to work with them, you first have to believe it. Basic skills are essential to selling with integrity and professionalism, and we intend to have the highest standards in the entire industry.

1.8 The Future

The enemy of great is good enough. We believe strongly in what we are doing. We intend to grow.  One of the most crucial aspects of this business model is the ability to expand.

Through expansion, we can create economies of scale that will enable us to provide more and better products and services for our agents. Business succession plans are in place and we are providing a referral company for agents that would like to remain in the business but fluctuate their production levels.

It is our belief that some version of this business model will dominate the entire industry in the coming years throughout the country. This model is more efficient and effective.

We also feel a responsibility to our friends and colleagues that are only receiving 2/3rds of their income to offer an affordable, efficient and effective business alternative to them.

With these core beliefs in mind, our mission statement is simple,

 “We help our agents.”