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Section 12: Agent Procedures and Prohibitions

12.1 Showing Procedures

12.2 Presentations

12.3 Messages

12.4 Office Housekeeping

12.5 Priorities

12.6 Specific Agent Prohibitions

12.7 Teams 

12.8 Time off - Associate

12.9 Cancellation of Listing or Buyer Agency Agreement

12.10 Opcity Referral program


12.1 Showing Procedures

Key agents are to respond to showing requests promptly and whenever possible utilize automated showing procedures to expedite the showing request process. Agents are also required to provide some form of showing feedback to our clients within 1-2 days time.


12.2 Presentations

The following presentations are available for agents and their use is strongly encouraged. 

  • Buyer Agent Presentation
  • Listing Presentation

To locate the presentations, Search “Presentations” in the knowledge base at KeyRealty.Support


12.3 Messages

Associates should check for messages several times each day, either in person or by phone, in order to ensure prompt and timely response to specific client requests.


12.4 Office Housekeeping

It is important that the office always appear neat and orderly.  After using conference rooms, please clear away coffee cups, papers or miscellaneous notes, etc. and leave it as you would like it when you use it.  

We need to be professional and considerate in all our business dealings.


12.5 Priorities

Agents are encouraged to time-block priorities and mission-critical tasks. The best way to do this on a consistent basis is to make it your first hour daily in the business.

Suggested activities could include:

  • Check text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Read and respond to emails 
  • Facebook - check for the birthday
  • Check your calendar for appointments and confirm them by text
  • Schedule your day - hour by hour - invest your time for maximum results
  • Set time aside and time block for business development every day


12.6 Specific Agent Prohibitions


12.6.1 Property Photos

No photos are to be taken of a property without the owner’s and/or current occupant’s permission.


12.6.2 Use of Drones

Drone use is also prohibited unless the agent has obtained the following:

  • Section 333 Waiver
  • Insurance
  • Indemnification Agreement
  • Written permission from the owner

12.6.3 Wiring Instructions

Agents are expressly prohibited from transmitting or retransmitting wire instructions to anyone involved in a real estate transaction.  ALWAYS direct people seeking this information to the title company or closing office coordinating the closing.


12.6.4 Remote Property Previews

Associates shall not perform “Remote Previews” of homes for out-of-town clients.


12.6.5 Virtual Showings

Associates shall not perform “Virtual Showings” where the agent is not physically present for the showing.

Under no circumstances should a virtual tour be a substitute for a purchaser’s in-person viewing and inspection of a property.   If a purchaser is unable to view a property prior to purchase, the purchase should be subject to final physical inspection and showing and approval of the contract after showing. 


12.6.6 Out of Town Sellers - Property Checks

Except as required by corporate contracts, associates shall not perform checks on properties for out-of-town Sellers

12.6.7 Final Walk-Throughs

Associates shall not perform unaccompanied final walk-throughs for clients.


12.7 Teams 

12.7.1 Reference Documents and Resources

1.) Sample Team Agreement

2.) Team Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement

3.) Teams at Key Knowledge Base Article


12.7.2 Team Leader Certification

All team leaders must attend  Team Leader Training and receive the  Team Leader certification before forming a team. See Teams at Key article.


12.7.3 Written Team Leader/Member Agreements

All real estate teams working within the company shall be governed by a written working agreement.  A copy of each team member's agreement will be kept in Dotloop in a loop named after the team and the agreement named with the agent's name and date.

It is highly recommended that issues such as intellectual property and noncompete information be explicitly detailed in these agreements.

Care should be used when creating and editing team agreements to avoid ambiguous and/or conflicting language in the agreements.

Team leaders are responsible for the quality of their agreements and ensuring they are signed by both parties. 


12.7.4 Husband/wife or Significant Other teams

Many spousal and significant other teams have evolved recently both inside and outside of the company.  While not for everyone, these teams seem to work quite well for many.

If either spouse or significant other is on the 50/50 program and has an outstanding balance for their brokerage services fee, any commission earned must be split 50/50 on the disbursement form until their annual brokerage services fee is paid. 

12.7.5 Licensed and Unlicensed Assistants

Anyone performing real estate duties requiring a license will be licensed and a member of the Association, and pay the Key Brokerage Services fee.

Anyone performing real estate duties requiring a license will be licensed and a member of the board, and pay the Key Brokerage Services fee. 


12.7.6 No funneling of Transactions

Directing transactions in an intentional, conspiratorial manner specifically designed to avoid Key Brokerage Service fees or Realtor Association fees is a violation of this policy.  This would include having unlicensed assistants engaged in real estate activity that would require a license. 


12.7.7 Other Teams/Groups

Many small teams are formed  to satisfy various business needs and requirements including:

  • Lead generator – buyer agent teams

In this configuration, the lead generator is responsible for generating the leads, usually, more leads than the lead generator can handle, and the buyer agent works with those customers to provide high-quality, responsive service.


  • High producer – document administrator teams

With this business model, the high producer assigns most if not all administrative tasks to an administrative Specialist in order to create more time for customer interaction and world-class service.


  • High producer – marketing administrator teams

This structure has evolved to serve the needs of a high producer whose activities are primarily focused on listing generation. The administrator’s focus is on customer care and professional follow-up and marketing for sellers.


12.7.8 Resignation From or Termination of Team Agreements

Management does not want to become the referee for teams and team agreements.  The best solution is for the agents involved to fairly and equitably discuss and agree to the proper disposition of these referrals.  To ensure that both sides have the information necessary to do this, for a period of 6 months after an agent departs the team, the Team Leader will be provided a copy of the settlement statement or Closing Disclosures for transactions/closings that the departing agent is involved in.


Our expectation is that all parties will follow their team agreements and that these issues will be amicably resolved between the agents.  If the agents cannot agree on the proper disposition of these referrals, the matter should be brought to the attention of management. Each party, agent and team leader shall submit to management the following:


  1. A written explanation of why they feel the commission(s) in question is/are or is/are not subject to payment as outlined in the team agreement.
  2. A copy of the latest team agreement signed by both parties.


Management will review the situation along with the team agreement and will disperse the funds in accordance with their interpretation of the agreement.  At, we hold our agents to the highest ethical standards and expect them to adhere to all agreements that they enter into. If we find that an agent is not following the agreement, it will be considered a breach of ethics and handled appropriately.


12.8 Time off - Associate

Vacation and time off is an important part of any agent’s healthy and balanced life.  


If an agent is unable to fulfill duties because of vacation or personal issues, their work should be assigned to another Key agent and their client’s notified and provided the name and contact information for the person who will be handling the agent’s business.


Additionally, if the agent will not be taking calls or responding to emails, the agent’s voice mail message and email auto-response should direct the caller/emailer to whoever will be handling the agent’s business.


12.9 Cancellation of Listing or Buyer Agency Agreement

Key Realty is an “easy exit” marketing company.  It is our opinion, that if the trust and confidence have deteriorated in the relationship to the point where a seller is requesting a release, that it is in everyone’s best interest to move on.  Management will not attempt to arbitrate or negotiate relationships with clients on behalf of agents. If a seller is unhappy and wants to terminate an agreement with an associate, if the associate is not able to resolve the issue to the client’s satisfaction, then a release is required subject to the listing agreement “Carry Over” period terms.


12.10 Opcity Referral Program 

12.10.1 Eligibility Requirements 

Any Key Realty Agent who wishes to participate in the Opcity Referral Program must meet the following requirements to receive an invitation to participate. Once the following requirements are met, the agent must submit a request to participate to AgentSupport@KeyRealtyAgent.com. Upon approval, the agent will be required to sign the Key Realty Opcity Policy Agreement as well as the Opcity Agent Referral Agreement. 


12.10.2 Education Requirements: 

  1. All agents must complete all parts of Fresh Start Training. 
  2. Agents who have been licensed less than 1 year must also complete the Key Education Series Training classes. 

12.10.3 Agent Responsibilities

The terms and conditions of the Key Realty Company Policy Manual and the Opcity Agent Referral Agreement may change from time to time, it is the agent’s responsibility to stay up to date on these policy updates. 


Agent Agrees to the financial responsibility of any referral fees owed to Opcity including referral fees owed due to the failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of Key Realty Company Policy or the Opcity Agent Referral Agreement. 


Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of Key Realty Company Policy or the Opcity Agent Referral Agreement may results in termination from the Opcity referral program at the discretion of Key Realty. 

12.10.4 Updating Opcity Referrals

Agent agrees to update all Opcity referrals in an accurate and timely manner. Providing false or inaccurate updates on Opcity referrals will result in termination from the Opcity Referral Program. 

If the agent has not made contact with the lead in 48 hours they agree to return the referral back to Opcity.

If an agent fails to property return an Opcity referral and the Opcity referral results in closing with another Key Realty agent, the agent the Opcity referral was assigned to agrees to the financial responsibility for the referral payment owed to Opcity. 

Agent agrees that under no circumstances can they refer an opcity lead to another agent. 


12.10.5 Opcity Referral Fees

Opcity referral fees are based on the sales price and the gross commission. Please note when calculating the referral amount you must include the total commission and, if any, the admin/sales fee you charge your client. 


Sales Price:  $0 - $150,000 = 30% Referral Fee

Sales Price:  $150,001 and up + Leases = 35% Referral Fee


Example:  Sales Price $125,000

3/2% Commission = $3,500 total commission + $199 admin Fee you charged the buyer or seller = $3,699

$3,699 x 30% = $1,109.70 fee to opcity


Opcity Client Rewards

Please note some Opcity referrals are subject to an additional 3% referral fee outlined specifically when you accept the referral. These special referrals are known as Opcity Client Rewards

Referral Fees on Opcity Client Reward Referrals:  Sales price must be over $150,000 to quality. The referral fee is 38%

More Information about Client Rewards can be found at:  https://support.realtor.com/s/article/Client-Rewards-Buyer-Cash-Rewards-FAQs


12.10.6 Processing Opcity Closings

  1. Agent agrees to have all Opcity referral payments paid to Opcity by Key Realty. The agent will not have the title company pay Opcity referral payments. 
  2. Agent agrees to email the necessary closing documents to Opcity in a timely matter. 
  3. Agent agrees to follow the Opcity referral fee schedule. 
  4. In the event there is a discrepancy in the referral fee owed to Opcity, the agent agrees to pay Key Realty the balance owed within 48 hours of notice.