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Section 4: The Brokerage and the Agent

4.1 Broker-Salesperson Relationship

4.2. Associates' Commitment to the Company


4.1 Broker-Salesperson Relationship

4.1.1 Company Commitment to the Associates

The Company makes the following commitments to each licensed real estate salesperson associated with it:

4.1.2 Compensation

To provide fair compensation for services rendered.

4.1.3 Consideration

To treat everyone courteously and with respect, consideration, and dignity.

4.1.4 Facilities

To provide superior office and administrative services to the agents on an as-needed basis for reasonable compensation.

4.1.5 Grievances

To give fair consideration, without prejudice, to complaints and grievances of associates

4.1.6 Guidance

To provide sincere and empathetic management counsel and guidance.

4.1.7 Management and Administration Promotion

To promote from within when there are qualified applicants.

4.1.8 Planning

To afford every reasonable opportunity to achieve business-related goals and fulfillments.

4.1.9 Training and Education

To make available superior training programs.  Key Realty currently provides over 103 educational and social events and 334 hours of training and education a year. We believe that our educational curriculum is the most important and meaningful commitment made by the company to the agents.   It is the beating heart of our company and the reason why our agents itself 30% to 50% more homes than the industry average.


4.2. Associates' Commitment to the Company

The associate is expected to make the following commitments to the Company and to conscientiously endeavor to keep them:

4.2.1 Licensing

All Key agents must obtain a license to practice real estate with the company and ensure that the license remains in an active and current status with all appropriate Continuing Education requirements fulfilled.

4.2.2 Board Membership

Every Key agent must join and become members of the local, state and national Board of Realtors.

4.2.3 Training Attendance

Key Agents are encouraged to attend all training available.  Agents with more than one year in the business will be expected to attend the Sales Orientation and Business Planning sessions, and the second day of the Fresh Start Program. This attendance is mandatory.   


Mandatory Training for New and or Inexperienced agents

Agents with less than one year in the business will be expected to attend the Sales Orientation and Business Planning sessions,  Key Realty Education Series and Fresh Start Program. This attendance is mandatory. Attendance at 90% of the Key Realty Agent Key Education Series is the minimum standard for this requirement.


Mandatory Training for Experienced agents

It is the strong belief of the company that our agent’s technical and professional skills should be a source of pride for all of us. Untrained agents create problems and liability for everyone in the business. It is the broker’s responsibility to provide the training necessary for success in the business.   And it is the agent’s responsibility to participate in the process until they are proficient and productive. 

4.2.4 Policies and Procedures

Will read and abide by these Policies and Procedures.  Any agent performance inconsistent with the policies herein enumerated is deemed to be a violation of the agency relationship of the agent with the company.

4.2.5 Planning

To establish specific business goals and plans for attainment and to review and revise them periodically.

4.2.6 Company Meetings

Our company meetings are specifically designed to be of benefit to the agents with educational, training and information content designed to make us all more effective and profitable. Attendance and participation in Key meetings is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Once in a great while, approximately every 1 to 2 years, there is a mission-critical change in the real estate industry that requires a mandatory company meeting, but these instances are extremely rare.

4.2.7 License Law, Legal Compliance & Ethics

Will abide by the Realtors and the state Division of Real Estate Canon of Ethics and all laws, ordinances, etc. which relate to my activities as a licensed real estate salesperson.

The opportunity is taken here to remind each salesperson to read and from time to time re-read the state Real Estate License Law. Salespeople of Key Realty are required to follow this law to the letter.

Salespeople are reminded, particularly that the broker is responsible for the acts of his/her salespeople.

It is our belief that if a salesperson adheres carefully to the policies of Key Realty, the broker will never have occasion to appear before the state real estate licensing entity on his behalf or to defend him/her in a court of law.

4.2.8 Complaints and Grievances

To take my complaints and grievances, if any, to Management and not to discuss them with my peers.

4.2.9 Dress and Appearance

To groom and conduct myself in such a manner as to be a credit to myself, my associates, my company and my profession.

4.2.10 Attorneys Fees and Legal Costs

Associate shall under no circumstances obligate Key Realty for any attorney and/or any other fees, without the express written consent of Key Realty.