How to Create, Download & Distribute your Key Monthly Newsletter

Create Your Newsletter

Distribute Your Newsletter
via USPS Mail
Create Mailing Lables
via Mailchimp


How to Create your Monthly Key Newsletter

  1. Login to the Key Design Center at (Email if you cannot access your account.) 
    1. HELP VIDEO:  Overview of Key Design Center:
  2. Once you have logged in:
    1. Click Create New Design
    2. Select the Monthly Key Newsletter category
    3. Choose the month you wish to create and then click create design
  3. From here you can edit the newsletter to your liking. Once finished, click Save!
  4. Lastly, you can use the download button to download your newsletter in multiple formats.

PDF:  Great for printing at home, attaching to an email or order prints from the copy store

Commercial Print:  This can be used to send to your local print shop if you are going to have these professionally printed

Image (PNG):  Best way to download as a photo, can be used to upload to Facebook, Mailchimp or embed in an email.

Distribute Your Monthly Key Newsletters

via USPS Mail

Print your newsletters

You can do this by printing copies at home, at a local office supply store or order professional prints. Having a local office supply store is the most economical way in my opinion. They will be printed on high-quality color laser printers for typically much less than what it would cost to print at home. Staples charges about $0.88/newsletter (color, double-sided) while staples charges $1.07 for the same.


Print Mailing Labels from KeyOffice360 (or any .csv file)

FREE Version: 

  1. Login and navigate to your contacts
  2. Click Import from the top right corner and then click export contacts as .csv
  3. Open the downloaded .csv file
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  4. Go to and create a FREE account and prepare and print your labels. You can do the same process to create return labels
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  5. Now that you have your labels it’s time to start stuff envelopes!


via Email 

Option 1:  FREE - Through Gmail 

  1. Download your newsletter as a .PNG and unzip the file
  2. Compose a new email in gmail (enter subject and any message you want to include)
  3. Click the insert image button in the email and choose your two .PNG files of your downloaded newsletter (front and back) 
  4. Navigate to the .cvs spreadsheet we downloaded earlier and copy the email address to the BCC field you wish to send your newsletter to.
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  5. Click Send! 

Option 2:  FREE - Through Mailchimp

  1. Create a free Mailchimp account at (The free account allows you to send to up to 2000 contacts!)
  2. Upload your contacts and prepare your email
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  3. Create your newsletter email in Mailchimp
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