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Team Training Handout - Michigan

Key Realty Team Policy, Agreements & Resources

10 Top Things To Know About Teams

Sample Team Agreement (Download PDF or WORD)

Sample Team Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement (Download PDF or WORD)

See Key Realty Policy Section 12.7 Teams

Ohio and Michigan Team Compliance Information

OAR Whitepaper - Team Compliance Rules, Advertising Rules and other information

Use of Licensed/Unlicensed Assistants

Teams Toolkit - Michigan


Ohio - Team Advertising

Advertising In 2002 the Ohio Real Estate Commission adopted a team advertising rule that permits licensees to advertise as a team as long as they comply with certain requirements. You can read the full whitepaper for Team here

Here’s what’s required:

  • The brokerage name must be included in all forms of advertising by the team. That includes print, websites, yard signs, billboards, business cards, etc.
  • In addition to the team name, you have to include the name of at least one individual affiliated with the team in all ads. Therefore if the team name is The Smith Team, any advertising including yard signs must also include the full licensed name of at least one agent on the team, i.e. Jane Smith. The only exception to this requirement is if the team name includes the full licensed name of one of the agents (i.e., the Jane Smith Team).
  • The team name can’t be more prominent than the brokerage name – and neither can the individual name of a team member. This prominence rule applies to all ads including yard signs, newspaper ads, your website, etc. When determining prominence, the Division will compare the team name to the brokerage name as it appears on the brokerage license. That means any brokerage logos and franchise names will not be included when comparing the brokerage’s name with that of the name of the team or an agent.
  • If you include the name of an unlicensed team member in an ad (i.e., an unlicensed assistant) that person must be identified as unlicensed in the ad.