Testimonials - Key Agents Tell Their Stories

A potpourri of information, folklore and stories written by Key agents describing their transformational experiences within the Key community

Key Agents SAVE Money
Key Agents MAKE Money
Key Agents love our TRAINING & SUPPORT


Key Agents SAVE Money

Aaron S.

$112k total the 4.5 years prior to Key Realty. Still makes me sick to my stomach.

Allen C.

My last year, before Key, I handed my broker $37,000.00.

Angela H.

I was only with one brokerage my first year and paid close to $27,000, then came to Key! Love it here!

Angela S.

I’m so blessed and thankful that when I started my real estate career in 2017 my great friend Amber Dickey recommended I go with Key and I didn’t have to experience what was mentioned above. I tell other realtor friends here and out of state and they almost believe it’s too good to be true.

Diana H.

2 yrs with Key $8,400 in brokerage fees.

2 years before Key $44,000 in brokerage fees.

You will do better with Key is not just a phrase it is truth. And it is not just the money but money is quantifiable.

Jim T. 

I broke even my first year after expenses because my broker took 50% of the money.

Been with Key, for 6 months, I made more this month ($22,000) than I made last year and kept it!

Loreen B.

$4,000,000 - 38 transaction - saving over $30,000 in broker costs, delighted to be with Key!

Natasha B. 

My first year in the business I was with another broker who took half my commissions. I was told they had the best training and I'd fail anyplace else. Once I checked out Key, I discovered I could keep most of my commission and the training was actually better. Having the training online allowed me to attend more classes with my busy schedule. Also, surrounding myself with other positive Key agents has helped me to focus on ways to adopt new strategies to service my clients and grow my business.
In my four years with Key Realty, my business has grown each year putting me on track to exceed 6 million in sales this year.

Patty H. 

Broker fee to get to the higher commission schedule for 13 years prior to moving to Key was $156,000....

Who knows how many $$$ I also paid out after reaching my cap???? Because it was a traditional company so my split was 75/25 after reaching my cap for the year.
So needless to say it took a while to get to $12,000 with the 50/50 broker fee per year.
Have no idea why I didn’t jump ship long ago😳

But I’ve been here almost 3 years now and love love love it!!!!

Key Agents MAKE Money

Alison M.

Was in real estate for months and sold nothing.  Went to Key sold 10 houses my first month, made thousands, paid Key $4,200, kept the rest!

Angie S.

I made $100,000 my first year in real estate,  Because of Key's training  & reduced broker costs

Ben M.

I made $180,000 in my first year in the real estate business because I took the money I would pay a traditional broker, about 30% of my income, and used it for personal marketing!   Make a lot more than $200,000 every year, never looked back

Gavin S.

My first 12 months in the business, $72,000, my third year...over $190,000, gave Key $4,200 a year.  I am delighted with the business and Key.

Jean D.

Funny story... Evidently my anniversary is today and by next Friday I'll hit my cap with two nice closings. Only at KEY!

Jenny M.

First 9 months with Key, $72,000.  Unbelievable!  

Rodney G.

2nd year in the business made over $130,000, paid Key $4,200

Sabrina M.

I capped in 58 days. January will be 1 year!

Sean S.

I made $180,000 my second year in the real estate business at 27. Never made more than $30,000 in my previous job.  

Tyler T.

Over $200,000 in my first 12 months, left a six-figure income for real estate.  It was the right move to come to Key!


Chad D.

I was able to get health insurance for my family with the savings. I really appreciate Key!

Gina G.

Prior to Key, I worked in the hospitality industry, rarely at home with my family.

Grouchy and exhausted most days, after working many long hours. Moving to real estate was the best decision I've ever made and I can do it at a brokerage that actually lets me keep my commissions! I  I am also able to provide for our family, pay off debts, and save money unlike ever before. This has definitely changed everything for my family and I... we are forever grateful!

Jennifer S.

My mind was open to change because I finally capped at my big name agency, but instead - they changed my anniversary date and took my money. Then, I received a call that changed my career. I cap between October and December of the current year. With Key, it's not only possible, it's highly feasible. Every Single Year. I don't ever look back and wonder if I made the right decision.

Maree S.

This has been life changing at Key for me. I love the structure.

Monica D.

My daughter went through 4 years of college on Key saving, and I  saved approximately $25,000 a year for the last 11 years

Phil H. 

We just returned from a 7-week epic vacation, much fun traveling the Old West the South and some Southern states in our RV! I'd love to catch up sometime for lunch and tell you all about it - in the meantime, all I can think of is to say; "Thank you!!"  Without Key this may have never been a reality for us!  With profound respect and gratefulness, Phil 

Key Agents love our TRAINING & SUPPORT

Ann Z.

When I joined Key Realty, I realized that there were ample company resources, training, and support just like traditional brokerages. Key has the complete package, local, readily-accessible management support training, website, and experienced leadership. With Key, lower fees simply means that I earn more money, It's a WIN!

Bryan B.

Key is by far the best decision I have made as a Realtor. It all started when I was invited to a kick off party earlier this year. Thank you Roy Webb and Haydee for everything you've done and continue to do assisting in my success.

Eliza S.

It took me a few months to decide which brokerage to join, and on the day I had chosen to be my deadline, I discovered Key Realty. I am incredibly grateful and 100% satisfied with my experience thus far. It is a noticeably inclusive environment with very involved leaders who truly care. The resources are abundant and the company genuinely values the success of individuals. 

Jacob S.

My 1st 3 months in real estate at a different brokerage I had one closing.
In the ONE month I have been with Key Realty, I now have 9 homes under contract!
Key has spectacular training, support, and connections
Even other agents are willing to pitch in and mentor.

Jenna F.

In my second year, I am on track to sell 50+ homes. 

Key Realty's $4,200 cap has me keeping almost all of my commissions. 

Through Key I have met some of my best friends, a strong support system for my career. 

2 years ago I took a leap of faith with Key and I am so happy I did!

Jim B.

I wasn’t sure I could make money in Real Estate until I started with Key Realty back in
September of 2019. However, after meeting with Phil and others I knew Key was the right place for me. From their seamless Training courses to their continuing education, that makes things simple, Key has the tools to make you successful. As I started my journey into real estate Dennis and his team have always been there for me. They have guided me through the tough times and taught me what it takes to be successful in the industry. Dennis has meet with me one-on-one as well as Phil and Virginia navigating me through negotiation late into the evenings, I have never felt alone. Selling nearly 60 homes my first year and making well over 6 figures as an industry Rookie, Key has shown me I am able to make it!

Karen K.

Thank you so much! I am sitting in on Dealing with Difficult People webinar right now. Phil is a great instructor! Will be working on my contact list for 30 day challenge later today.
So thankful to be with you. I have learned more in the last week with your training program than I did in the last 10 months!

Marcy I.

After 12 years as a "top agent" at a large brokerage, I experienced much success. The financial benefits of Key are significant, but the education and resources are the real game-changers  Our tag-line is true: You'll do better with Key!

Stephen M.

The reason I came to Key Realty: They are professional with excellent ability to identify and align effectively to customer’s needs and process to develop, communicate, and execute winning business plan. " Our local office in Columbus is amazing for support and coaching.