Email and Text Messages – Storage and Retrieval

Licensee compliance and easy access to stored messages


60% of all real estate communication is done on portable devices

The amount of that communication involving tax is skyrocketing

Real state law  compliance says you need a comprehensive record

 Ethics complaints and commission arbitrations are often determined by the quality of the record

 Procuring cause is grounded in the continuum of an agency relationship

OAR Article: Do email and text messages need to be part of your transaction file?
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How to Save your Text and Emails: 

Saving Emails

  • Use a CRM to keep track of your email 
  • Never delete emails pertaining to transactions. Save, Archive or mark as unread in your email client so they are available to access if needed. Creating folders can be a great way to organize your emails by each transaction. (Try Folio by Amitree for gmail, it will automatically create folders and organize your emails) 
  • Print and save an email thread as a .pdf and upload to your loop


Saving Text Messages 

Apple/iMessage :

  • No Free Open-source or Viable Free Alternatives
  • PhoneView for Mac. -  $30
  • CopyTrans seems to be the application of choice among Windows users.
  • iExplorer has a demo version that will allow you to read through the .mddata file and copy/paste the text. If you want to export the messages into a PDF or text file, you'll have to pay.

Printing Your iMessages Chat Log for Mac

If you sync Messages on your iMac and your iPhone, your computer should get the same Messages your phone does and save them in the Messages chat logs.

You can print a complete conversation in the Messages app or find the chat logs in Library > Messages > Archive. Messages only works between two Apple devices, this method requires that the person you're corresponding with also uses Apple products.