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The Key Manifesto

For too long, the real estate business has operated for the benefit of the top 2% income earners.

The only people who ever made any real money were the brokers who collected a lot of us, took 35%-50% of our money and used it on stuff we no longer need or want and a couple of dozen agents who either worked like fools or sold $450,000 houses or both.

This model from the 1950s, uses outmoded practices & technology. It has victimized everyone in the industry, including ironically, most brokers. The Wall Street Journal has called us "the most inefficient & ineffective business model left in American commerce today."

We need to change all that. Now. We need to rebuild the real estate business from the bottom up, inside out and give the average person a fighting chance at success and a living in the real estate business.

We will do this by eliminating:

Offices people do not use
Administrators who take unnecessary calls
Closing departments no one uses
Meaningless meetings all about the company, not the agents
Forms, files, training and information that should be on a website

Then, we are going to give the money to the people who actually earned it, the people who sell the houses, the agents.

For example, if you sell 30 houses a year with Key,
you will make more than $100,000 a year on average.

Thank you for joining us on this great adventure. We are honored to work in your behalf.