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The Purpose of the Key Realty Policy Manual

The purpose of this manual is to set forth basic rules and general guidelines to be followed in the day-to-day operation of the Company. It can never be so complete that it will cover every incident, nor can it answer every question about company policies. In any matter not covered by this manual, Management will decide and be guided in such decisions by experience, the Realtor's Code of Ethics, the Multiple Listing Service rules, and the laws and regulations of the State Division of Real Estate, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. Management will, from time to time, make additions and revisions which will be announced and published to become effective with reasonable notice. Key Realty is referred to in this manual as Broker, Realtor, the Firm, the Company or Management, and Associates may be referred to as salespersons or sales agents. The relationship of associated salespeople to Key Realty is that of independent contractors and no employer-employee relationship exists or is to be implied from any title, provisions, or language used in this manual.

One important goal of Key Realty is to provide the greatest possible opportunity for personal and economic satisfaction for its' associates. Ultimately, however, an associate's success is his/her own to make. He/she is, in many ways, in business for himself/herself and will be respected as such. This status creates a responsibility to work as a private business person, efficiently, intelligently and diligently. A copy of this policy manual is always available for reference.

The object of the Company is to make a profit. This can only be attained through our integrity, high principles and the ability to obtain results in all real estate matters. Every associate is a part of this reputation and is expected to uphold it.

In this Company, it is our policy to constantly study real estate trends, financing, sales methods and new marketing plans that will help to obtain more prospects and better listings. In turn, it is up to each salesperson to devote a full portion of his/her working hours to the business of listing and selling real estate to ensure his/her success.

Salespersons are reminded, again, that they are individual independent contractors.

Key Realty shall have no obligation to withhold taxes or social security from commission checks.

To the benefit of both the salesperson and the firm, an independent contractor agreement shall be signed by both parties. Key Realty Ltd./ is a Limited Liability Corporation.