Timeframe Objection

“I want to wait until the spring.”

  • “First - you have to find out if they want to put their house up for sale in the spring, or do they want to move in the spring
  • If they plan on moving in the spring, this is not an objection.
    • Average time on the market
    • Loan processing time, (presently 6 to 8 wks.)
    • Possession time also be made negotiable
    • Closing time can be extended
  • “Serious buyer” close
  • “Driver’s seat” presentation

“I only want to list for 3 months”

  • We have two listing periods, 9 + 12 months
  • Better Than Even Chance
  • “Easy-exit” marketing agreement
  • 50% chance of getting paid
  • Average time on the market