Updating Your Direct Deposit and W9 Form

How to update or make changes to your direct deposit or W9 form on file with Key Realty

Direct Deposit Agreement

If at any time you need to make changes or update your direct deposit form on file with Key Realty please CLICK HERE to complete a new direct deposit agreement. 

**Please allow up to 2 business days to process and update your direct deposit agreement. 

If you are changing your direct deposit form and you have a submitted closing being submitted please add a note to your closing folder that you are in the process of updating your direct deposit so we can make sure your funds are sent to the correct account. 

W9 Form

To Update your W9 on file, please click here to complete a new W9 form. 

Ohio ONLY:  If your W9 is for an business/LLC, please send a copy of your articles of incorporation to agentsupport@keyrealtyagent.com