Wired Commission Payments to Key Realty

Key Realty is developing agreements with title companies to have commissions wired to our commission accounts.

Click Here to view current title companies we are working with or submit a new request for a title company.

**NOTE** It can take up to 3 business days for a new title company request to be processed. While we try and set them up as quickly as possible, delayed responses from title companies are out of our control.

  • You may need to request a paper check from the title company if they are not currently set up for wires yet.
  • Do not wait on your commission check to be wired if the title company is not set up for wires yet. 
  • Please note, if a title company charges a fee to wire, the amount will be noted on the tracking sheet of the title companies who are currently set up. Most large title companies are not charging us a fee. This fee is deducted from the agent's commission prior to Key receiving the wired funds. We do not refund wire fees charged by the title company. 
  • If the title company has not received the request from Key realty to be set up, please have them email us at agentsupport@keyrealtyagent.com 

Benefits and Overview: 

  • Commissions will reach Key quicker
  • No more trips to the bank
  • No more ACH delays from Title Companies
  • More Secure Data

Rollout Goals: 

  • Trial in Traverse City Region starting in October 2021 - STATUS:  Complete
  • Begin setting up title companies for wired commission payments in all regions - STATUS:  In Progress
  • 100 title companies across all regions to be enrolled and on-boarded by December 31st, 2021. STATUS:  In Progress

NOTE:  Only Key Realty Corporate can create a wired commission agreement with a title company. All current Key Realty Policies remain in effect until updated after the initial beta trial in Traverse City, MI. 


Q:  What if I get a paper check sent to me for a referral, REO or other transaction?

A: Contact your manager and they will give you instructions on how to deposit

Q:  What if a paper check gets sent to the office?

A:  Your RP will have the ability to make the deposit on your behalf electronically. No more coming to the office to get your check.

Q:  What happens if “my title company” won’t wire?

A:  All title companies send and receive wires.  In rare cases, the title company will want to charge a fee to Key Realty.  Please contact Agent Support if this occurs.

Q:  How do I have the title company wire the commission to Key?

A:  Key Realty will directly set up wire agreements with title companies. A live list of title companies who will wire commission will be available to view. Click here to view the live list of title companies we are working with or suggest one, not on the list. 

Q:  Can I request a title company wire my commission to Key?

A:  Yes, after the initial rollout, you will have access to a request form for a title company not currently on the active list. Click here to view the live list of title companies we are working with or suggest one, not on the list. 


Rewatch the Wired Commission announcement from the 2021 Key Realty Special Event

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